You've probably heard of spring cleaning before, but what about digital spring cleaning?

It's the same concept of getting rid of things you don't need, but this will also help keep your personal and private information secure.

Experts with the BBB say it's a good idea to start cleaning up your computer, cellphones and tablets.

Ensuring that all of your software is updated and protected from viruses is also important.

Many of us also have apps on our phone that we don't use. If you get rid of those apps, it will help free up space and increase your battery life.

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And that flip phone you've got in your junk drawer? The BBB advises for you to get rid of that too.

The BBB advises consumers to destroy phones before tossing them out so all of their personal information is swept clean.

One more tip is to delete unnecessary emails and unsubscribe to the accounts you no longer need or want to receive.

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