A tiny blurb in a small-town newspaper is the only warning some Middle Tennessee families say they got about a 150-acre gun range coming to their community.

The Middle Tennessee Sporting Association plans to the range in Macon County. They said it’s the safest spot in the county and they did everything by the book.

Yet, neighbors feel worried and misled.

“We don't know how it's going to affect the animals. A lot of people around here have cattle, horses and oats. There is the wildlife. We have deer,” said Karen Kemp.

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The approved gun range will go less than a mile from Kemp's property line.

It's perfectly legal.

There was a notice in the paper about a public hearing, but no one showed up.

“It was posted in the Macon County Times. I don't get the Macon County Times. A lot of people don't get any newspaper,” said Kemp.

Neighbors feel the plans were swept under the rug.

“Nobody wants this gun range. Nobody,” said Kemp.

Owners of the gun range say they have an extensive safety plan.

“It’s the safest location we looked at in two years. It is surrounded by very high ridges and away from all residents,” said Rich Fox.

He said owners did gunshot sound check next to the nearest property and the noise barely registered.

Kemp would like proof.

“It will be constant. It won't be quiet like it is now. It will be gunshots all the time,” said Kemp.

The range will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until sundown.

Neighbors aren't sure if they’ll be able to stop the gun range, but they say they plan to fight until construction is underway.

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