An employee of a company in downtown Nashville saw the driver of a black Lexus take off after hitting two women who were riding a Bird scooter on Sunday.

Robert Coomber works at Escape Experience on Union Street. His business looks right out onto the street. Coomber clearly recalls the moment those two young women were hit and saw the driver take off.

“It sounded like a pretty typical car crash,” he said. “It was very loud for hitting two people without hitting any other structures or cars.”

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Coomber says the surrounding buildings amplified the noise.

“This car, just engine revving, just trying to get out of there as fast as possible, that was the car that hit those two girls,” he said.

Coomber was able to catch a glimpse as the driver sped away.

“I saw kind of the rear end of the car as it was far down the street, just turned the corner, it was a dark black four-door sedan,” said Coomber. “The front bumper was laying in the street that had come off the car.”

Investigators are saying, the two women, 28-year-old Lindsey Cowan and 27-year-old Rachel Johnson from East Tennessee, were riding north on Fifth Avenue, while the driver was heading west on Union Street. It is unclear whether the young women or the driver ran a red light.

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Police said the suspect in the hit-and-run was driving a black, early 2000 Lexus with damage likely to the front end.

“It's just really horrific, and I hope that guy gets caught,” said Coomber.

Metro Nashville issued a cease and desist order against Bird scooters, saying they are obstructing the right-of-way, and are not permitted to do so.

Bird has 10 more days to clear the scooters off the sidewalks. They are still here and riders are not wearing helmets.

“They're just on sidewalks going really fast, faster than bikes would usually go," said Coomber. “I think it's kind of a neat idea. But there are certainly some safety concerns that do need to be addressed.”

In a statement, Bird says their hearts go out to those impacted and the company will work closely with police in the investigation.

Both women are being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with critical injuries. They were not wearing helmets.

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