Across the mid-state, thermostats are getting a serious workout.

Last week many were turning on their air conditioning, tonight they are crank the heat.

All that back and forth can end up costing some serious cash.

A lot depends on how old your HVAC system is. Switching back and forth from heating to cooling can be a lot harder on older systems.

For people with electric systems and heat pumps, it is not good to switch back and forth.

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If your system uses freon, and your freon levels are low neither your heat or cooling will work.

Around town, HVAC companies are getting slammed with calls, and are backed up because of the requests. They are having trouble getting to the cooling calls, because they are still dealing with the heating calls.

The average last freeze for Nashville is around April 5. We are nearly two weeks past that point…

Chris Kerner is the owner of Halo Heating & Cooling. He said, “We’ve had a lot of heating calls. We got booked up over the weekend, running those (calls) today. Tomorrow we'll probably be having cooling calls. You want to make sure everything is working properly, and efficient.”

Techs will say that maintenance is crucial. Keeping your system regularly serviced and your filters cleaned is the most important thing.

It can end up saving you from having to replace an entire system, and save you a lot of money.