The calendar says April, but Mother Nature has other ideas.

With another cold snap in store tonight, you may regret planting those flowers this weekend

Inside a pop-up nursery right off White Bridge Road, they had to put extra plastic up and bring in all sorts of flowers and plants to try and protect them from the frigid temps.

All day long, workers were moving plants. They cannot believe that just last Friday, it was nearly 80 degrees. Today they were wearing winter coats!

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This is the third time this spring they have moved flowers to inside the tent and cover them with frost cloths.

They are really trying to protect the tender plants that just cannot handle these cold temps.

Jim Sovine with the West Nashville Kiwanis Club nursery said, “It's devastating.”

“We've been doing this for the West Nashville Kiwanis Club for eight years for fundraisers, and this has been the absolute worst season on record.”

When asked how much money they are losing with this cold snap, Sovine says to ask him again about 5 o’clock tomorrow.

Right now, they say the plan is to get through tonight. Hopefully they will be good from here on.