Smashville was out in full force Saturday as the Nashville Predators went up two games to none in the series against the Colorado Avalanche.

“The Preds are going back baby! We're going back! We're going to win it in four!” said season ticket holder George Armistead.

Chris Moore said, “The Preds always start off slow. They always come back nice and strong, even when we were down by one I never had a doubt. They were going to come back.”

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It wouldn't be a Smashville playoff game without a catfish on the ice. Perry Webb was one of the fans who snuck the "instrument of crime" into Bridgestone Arena by strapping it to his back with saran wrap.

“We were going to wait until the first goal, but that didn't happen in the first period,” said Webb. “But we figured, 'How do we get the boys up?' [I] threw it right before the second period and then what happens? Goal, baby!”

One fan caught a puck that went up into the seats.

“I wasn’t even paying attention," explained Dan Hoover. "I looked up and there it was about to hit my wife, caught it out of the air. She was thankful. She was very appreciative of my quick, catlike reflexes.”

As the sea of gold made its way onto lower Broadway, Predators fans had plenty to be excited about.

Many believe the best hockey is yet to be played.