For days, crews have worked to be ready. Now they’re set for whatever comes on Saturday.

TDOT is working on repairs to a part of Murfreesboro Road known for flooding, something the neighbors have wanted for a long time.

Rainy days bring constant problems, but you can see where TDOT is working on a culvert to help with the drainage.

Murfreesboro Road is not the only focus.

TDOT crews are sharpening blades on the chainsaws to be prepared in case trees fall this weekend.

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Both TDOT and Metro Water Services said prep work has been happening all week with drains getting cleared.

Luckily for work crews, this week brought the clear skies and sun crews needed to get ready for Saturday’s weather.

“We’ve had good weather, so we’re fortunate we’re not last minute,” said TDOT worker Greg Woerdeman. “This weekend we’ll have an on-call crew and all will have chainsaws and they’ll have their safety gear, hard hats and vests.”

Businesses in the area have been waiting to see the project get finished. It’s scheduled to be complete in August.

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