More people are choosing to pay monthly rent instead of buying a home in 29 of the largest 50 states, according to Zillow. Nashville comes in close with 47% of people renting in 2016, which was the most recent data available. That is up from 2006, when 40.3% of Nashvillians rented.

The same data (see below) shows the average monthly rent in Nashville is $1,548. The median home price is $255,600.

Rodney Boston lives in West Nashville and has been renting for three years.

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"I don't have the means to just go full out and buy right now," said Boston. "It's crazy, especially in Nashville. Prices have gone up tremendously."

23-year-old Joseph Terry is saving up to buy his first home in Gallatin.

"To me, it's a no-brainer. It's a waste of time and money to rent," said Terry.

According to Zillow, millennials say not saving enough money for a down payment and struggling to qualify for a loan are two big reasons why they choose to rent.

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