With temperatures hitting the 90s this week, all of us are turning up the air conditioner in our cars and homes. But for some, it’s not a luxury they have.

The Metro Action Commission is installing new air conditioners or fans for people who need them this summer.

At the Nashville Farmers Market, Charles Jackson makes sales and tries to stay cool in the summer heat.

“One day I got sick. I got real sick down here with the heat,” said Jackson.

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He is one of many people turning up the air conditioning at home and watching power bills climb higher. He turned to the Metro Action Commission for help.

“We got behind on the light bill, and they helped us on the light bill to pay it and get it caught up,” said Jackson.

Metro Action spokesperson Lisa McCrady said they help those in need pay them down through the city’s energy assistance program.

“A lot of people have had where their bills have jumped up maybe $100 or so,” said McCrady.

And for some, they need air conditioners or fans to cool them down. But you have to qualify for one.

“Our seniors that are 62 and older (can apply), people with medical conditions that if they are in extreme heat their conditions get worse, or they have a child that is under the age of six,” said McCrady.

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The boxes leave the MAC shed at a steady pace and the difference is immediate.

“I went into this home, and the heat was almost unbearable when you walk into her home,” said McCrady about a person’s home where the city installed an air conditioner.

And if you don’t need it, you might know someone who does.

“My mother in law, she’s 90 years old and she don’t believe in burning electricity and stuff. She sits in the house, and it’s so hot,” said Jackson. “I get onto her all the time, but it doesn’t do any good.”

The summer cooling program with air conditioners and fans goes through August. Metro Action Commission said it also just opened applications for help paying power bills this summer. You can find additional details on the Metro Action Commission’s website.

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