It used to be about hiking, swimming and maybe horseback riding. But now summer camps are much more specific.

The rock and roll band AC/DC once sang “For those about to rock, we salute you.”

This week on the Vanderbilt campus you can send your salutes to the teenage girls at rock camp.

A good rock and roll band is a collection of its elements – drums, guitars and a gutsy singer.

Lindsey Loomis and her new band of friends wrote a song at Nashville’s Southern Girls Rock Camp, and they like it.

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The song was not head-banging rock and roll, closer to maybe rock and stroll.

The 15-year-old Loomis has already overcome stage fright.

“I would just shake and get really nervous,” said Loomis. “Once I got to camp, I just really got used to the comfortable space and all the encouraging faces you see every day.”

Instructor Lisa Kacos fine tunes them until they find the groove, and they’re all under deadline pressure.

“They have a gig Saturday,” said Kacos. “Everyone’s working toward performing that song.”

Contrary to popular belief, rock and roll does come with rules.

Pink hair teen angst helped create the song lyrics. One look at the teacher and it’s clear they’ve got it.

There are 11 different bands that are working on their song this week at Southern Girls Rock Camp. They will all perform Saturday night at Jack White’s Third Man Records on Seventh Avenue South.

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