Two south Nashville businesses were shut down and padlocked by Metro police officers after a raid Wednesday morning.

The Metro Nashville Police Department says they've responded to thousands of calls at the Z-Mart and Staff Zone on Lafayette Street.

Both businesses have been declared as public nuisances through temporary court injunctions.

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Over a seven-year period, police have responded to more than 3,000 calls in the area.

On Wednesday, officers put up a chain-link fence around the property and covered up the signage. The business owners are not allowed on site until a court hearing takes place within the next few days.

Police say these owners allowed the businesses to become a blight on the community and failed to do anything about it.

Officials say their investigation shows the businesses have played a part in allowing robberies, assaults, drug use and drug possession. According to police, the businesses have been a drain on resources.

"This is not something the business owners are oblivious to. We've reached out to business owners to try and get help and support, but at the end of the day, the community is tired of businesses that don't support the community," said MNPD Commander Preston Brandimore.

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Neighbors were influential in getting the businesses shut down, according to police.

"At countless community meetings, that's all we hear is they've had enough. They're done with the aggravated assaults, they're done with the fights, they're done with the street robberies, they're done with the open-air drug sales, they're done with the public intoxication, they've asked us to put an end to it," Brandimore said.

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