It's summertime, and you may be hitting the road soon for your vacation or weekend getaway.

We talk a lot about what you should have in your car during the winter, but it's just as important to have a kit with you during the summer months too.

Here's what you should have with you in case you get stuck on the side of the road:

Bottles of water Phone charger First aid kit Sunscreen Snack

Also, make sure to know your exact location so that you can report it to officials. It will be vital to be able to communicate this information when minutes matter.

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TDOT officials say it's equally as important to have your car ready for the road as well.

"Be sure your car is roadworthy. Make sure your air pressure is right in your tire. Make sure your spare tire has got air in it. If you have any mechanical issues, take care of that well before you travel," said TDOT HELP truck operator Todd Stepp.

TDOT officials say they respond to traffic control issues the most, along with minor crashes.

Overall, they say they respond to many more emergencies during the summertime because more people are out on the roads.

TDOT HELP truck workers are prepared to get you out of pretty much any situation. If you do ask for their assistance, here's one important thing you need to do.

"Get over as far as you can. If you're up against the guardrail, and you see the end of the guardrail, drive down to the end of the guardrail, if you can. Just get over as far as you can. The further you are off that white line, the safer you are," Stepp said.

You can reach TDOT and THP by calling *847, or if you are in Nashville, you can call the non-emergency Metro Nashville Police Department number at 615-862-8600.

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