Some said free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast just aren't enough in a booming downtown boutique hotel market. Some spots have an effort underway to reach a new generation of travelers.

"I like people," laughed Greg Brown, standing downtown. "I have a lot of energy, a lot of energy."

The downtown doorman in the purple shades, Brown knows something about trends.

"If you've ever seen the movie Forrest Gump, the Nikes come out," said Brown. "Classics!"

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It's not just trends in hotels that Brown knows, it's hotels too.

"I've seen it change by leaps and bounds," said Brown.

"We are far from your momma's cookie cutter hotel," said Phillip Forte, manager of 21c Museum Hotel where Brown works.

The lower floors are a 21st Century art museum. Even the elevators carry art in videos playing on the walls. Suites and rooms come with downtown views. Decorative blue penguins are even available on request.

"When you walk in the door, you know you're in something different," said Forte. "I think we like to challenge, push the boundaries a little. I think people were excited about what type of boutique and unique hotel offering would be brought to the city. There are some amazing hotels in town, but there's nothing like 21c."

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Forte said that's key to adapt in Nashville's growing luxury boutique hotel market. Delivering on the unique and having a strong social media following; Forte said those attract the millennial audience and far beyond. He said customers don't have to be in a specific age group to share similar sensibilities. Forte said everyone responds to the culture of “yes.”

"Whatever you need to make your stay a wonderful one, we'll figure out a way to say 'yes' and make it happen," he said. "If we stay true to who we are, the culture of 'yes,’ our team, everything we stand for, I don't think we spend a lot of time worrying about what other people are doing. If we're true to ourselves, we'll continue to be the most unique thing in the city, and that's something that we're proud of."

That's where Brown comes in.

"The actual vibe here would be Music City USA," he said, looking up at the hotel.

Brown said a warm welcome never goes out of style.

"You're in an amazing place, you're in an amazing hotel, and we have to be grateful just for the little things," said Brown.

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