Donovon Crittendon was by all accounts a loving father and husband.

The circumstances surrounding his death puzzle not only family members but friends as well.

Donovon Crittendon's body was found in the Cumberland River on Saturday following a several-day recovery effort. The former soldier was in a vehicle driven by Keith Holder, an off-duty drug task force agent.

Why Donovon Crittendon was in the in Holder’s agent’s personal vehicle and why the car plunged into the river at 10 p.m. at Taylor’s Landing in Hartsville remains a mystery.

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For Donovon Crittendon’s widow Jessica, her husband’s death is still a blur.

"I pretty much rely on God and the people he sent in my life, to help bring justice for Donovon," said Jessica Crittendon.

The questions investigators for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are looking into: Why did Holder's truck crash into the Cumberland River, and why did it reportedly take 20 hours to report the crash?

Holder, a Drug Task Force agent assigned to the 15th Judicial District, was able to free himself from the truck and swim to safety.

"The main answer I want to know is why is it that Keith Holder came back and my husband didn't. Donovon left with Holder, I'm assuming as a friend, under good circumstances," said Williams.

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Donovon Crittendon leaves behind two young children, ages two and four.

Friends and neighbors gathered in front of the Crittendon home to remember him.

As for Jessica Crittendon, she said the closure she needs will only come when she is given a full account of what happened Sunday night, the moments before and after the truck crashed into the Cumberland River.

"If I could say anything to authorities, I would say, seek the truth, and once you find it, I suggest you tell the truth," said Jessica Crittendon.

She has retained an attorney. They plan to talks to both the FBI and the TBI.

The investigation into Donovon Crittendon's death continues.

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