Clarksville is growing so much that its road construction needs are taking up nearly a third of the city budget, and the city is also getting help from the state.

Drivers will see a lot more orange barrels around town as construction projects kick into high gear this summer.

“One is on State Route 374, which is a huge project. It’s part of a bigger effort to make SR 374 wrap around Clarksville and ease some of the congestion right in the heart of Clarksville,” said Heather Jensen, a spokesperson for TDOT Region 3.

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Some drivers said where they’d like to see action.

“(Highway) 41A needs some work up there where the big trucks run off. It needs to be smoothed out a little bit,” said driver Stan Vincent.

Highway 41A road is on the list for the city of Clarksville along with building a northeast connector off Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

“A connector would be wonderful to just work your way around and to plan your day and to be able to not be caught up on that all the time,” said driver Lisa Blackmon.

City officials are also helping themselves by setting aside nearly a third of the budget to roads.

“That’s good. That’s what I pay taxes for,” said Vincent.

And as for state projects in town, the city saved up millions of its own money to give to TDOT, pushing its needs to the top of the list.

“We had a great boost with the improve act which allowed us to push forward a lot of the projects that had sitting there. But we can always use more help,” said Jensen.

Work on SR 374 is expected to finish next year. The city will have to approve its budget this month before any new road projects break ground.

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