The city of Brentwood will retrain its dispatchers after accidentally sounding their tornado sirens on Sunday.

It happened around the same time severe storms were passing through the area.

Officials tweeted out this message: "Soooo about that tornado siren That mistakenly sounded around 5pm.... someone hit the wrong button. Oops. #ourapologies"

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The Spring Hill Police Department responded with the link to an article about Hawaii's false missile alert earlier this year, writing, "Could have been worse."

Tricia Redditt was at her car Sunday when she heard them.

"I was bringing groceries in and it was thundering and lightning a little bit and I thought I heard the tornado siren go off," said Redditt.

A city spokesperson chalked it up to human error.

Deanna Lambert / Brentwood City Spokesperson"They are taking multiple calls they are multitasking, and unfortunately it was just as simple as hitting the wrong button," said Deanna Lambert, the Brentwood city spokesperson.

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Brentwood has 19 tornado sirens that are ready to sound off when it counts. News4's Briona Arradondo asked what will be done to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"So going forward to make sure this error doesn't happen again, all of the dispatchers will be retrained to make sure they know the processes in place to make sure they know how to cancel a siren once they activate a siren that is mistakenly set off," said Lambert.

The dispatcher meant to send another message.

"The tornado sirens did go off or were activated instead of the sirens that we use in our parks system to indicate that there has been lightning detected in the area," said Lambert.

When it does matter, some people said they look to alerts on their phones. But they like to know the sirens work.

"I think that's always a good thing to have as a backup. You might not always have your phone with you or you might be outside without it," said Redditt.

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