A lot of moms and dads go to Target to shop all of the time.

But Franklin’s Jamie Sumner may never forget what happened in the boys clothing aisle that made her 6-year-old so happy.

A walk in the park isn’t a walk in the park for Charlie Sumner.

He has cerebral palsy and can’t walk. His mom Jamie has to push his chair.

A few weeks ago at Target Charlie saw a poster and started clapping, recognizing something they had in common, a walker.

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“And he had a walker, he has a wheelchair and a walker, so he recognized it immediately and boy was he excited,” said Jamie Sumner.

Mom thinks he clapped and pointed because he saw someone that looked like him, their “normal” on a shelf in a store. Advertising you don’t usually see.

“I think he was just so delighted that for him it felt like home,” said Jamie Sumner.

She snapped a photo and the internet went wild and viral, all supporting the photo and the reaction.

For mothers in her position, she hopes someday a photo like that in a story is no longer a surprise, for Charlie’s sake.

“It was just a sweet moment, everyone smiled together,” said Jamie Sumner.

Sumner wrote a book called Unbound about her parenting journey with Charlie and her twins. She loves Target and said it’s great that they recognize people of all abilities.

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