Some Metro Council members said they have found a way to give city employees the raises they were promised.

A lot of people are upset because Mayor David Briley’s budget plan didn’t include a 3 percent cost of living increase that was supposed to take place this year.

“The city made a promise to our employees. You don’t make a promise and then turn around and not honor that,” said Councilman Steve Glover. “I can’t promise it’ll happen because we don’t have the final authority, but we’ll be filing a resolution asking the Benefit Board to hire a different management group that doesn’t have quite as much of a risk factor and will save $30 million a year.”

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The resolution will be filed at next week’s Council meeting.

During budget hearings, Briley blamed some of the budget shortfall on the large percentage of people who were appealing their property assessments.

It turns out the mayor is one of those who appealed his assessment.

He found and won, shaving more than $100,000 off his assessment.

Briley and his wife own a home on Fourth Avenue North. The assessor’s office valued it at $719,000. Briley asked for an informal review and the value was lowered to $599,000.

The assessor’s office said Briley was able to show that was the actual sales price of the home.

The Metro Council has until June 30 to pass the final budget.

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