Many of us have something far too important to ever sell, something irreplaceable. A father and son are hoping to get that something back.

For 25 years, Mike Twyman's knowledge and know-how have been going right to son Devan.

"I would hope so by now," laughed Mike, between sawing boards with his son.

"Everything I know is from him," Devan added. "It's everything I know about cars, anything about carpentry."

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Big Macs were still headed out the second window Tuesday while the guys did framing work on a La Vergne McDonald's.

"He's been going to work with me ever since he was 14, 15-years-old," said Mike, motioning to his son.

It was at that time eleven years ago, Mike and Devan started working together on their very first project, a 1986 black Chevy.

"We've been working on it ever since," said Mike. "You can't replace the time and hours that my son spent building it."

"A lot of memories have been made with that truck," Devan added.

Saturday, Mike parked the truck at Nissan Stadium while he went in for a car show.

"When I got back outside, it was gone," he said. "It's heartbreaking. It's frustrating to no end.

"That was basically my life savings," Devan added. "Everything that I've ever made has been in that truck. Even if I found it sitting on blocks, it would've been better than not having it at all."

Metro Police said security saw the vehicle leave lot D around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, and they're working to get surveillance video. The license plate number on the truck is 683WLS.

"I'm hopeful that we'll find it, and it won't be in a million pieces," said Devan.

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