As Nashville's population continues to grow, more people are going to need help, but when it comes to responding to emergencies firefighters said they need better resources and more of them.

Recently the union took to Facebook posting pictures showing old mangled wires hanging from a fire truck dashboard and saying, “while the city is handing out corporate tax breaks, our first responders are responding with this equipment.”

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"Somebody is in trouble when these men and women take to the streets and we better take care of them," said Buck Dozier, Nashville's former fire chief.

Dozier said they need more fire halls, more firefighters, new equipment and raises.

Then there are the engines and ladder trucks.

All the reserves are already being used.

As of Tuesday, if a single truck broke down in Nashville, there wouldn't be one to replace it.

"It all comes down to money and this city should not be broke. There should be money to fund public safety to the level it should be," said Mark Young, the president of the Nashville Fire Union.

According to the union, Nashville has fewer fire halls than any of Tennessee's other major cities.

If it stays that way, Young said citizens will notice longer response times.

"Time is the most critical factor in any emergency, across the board, and to not have a budget that recognizes that is an appalling thought," said Nashville citizen Jennifer Pennington.

Mayor David Briley said any equipment decisions will be made later this year.

As for raises, Briley said he understood employee's frustration but, "we are doing the best we can with the resources we have."

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