A 26-year-old federal law was struck down on Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court paving the way for sports betting in Tennessee.

Proponents say it’s already happening under the table, so why not legalize it and bring in some big-time revenue?

Americans wagered more than $4.6 billion on the Super Bowl this year, but only $180 million of that was legal.

“People are going to gamble whether it's legal or illegal, so why not take advantage of it?" said sports radio host Greg Pogue.

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The ruling simply leaves it up to the state whether they want to allow it or not.

Several states already have bills in the works to legalize it. Tennessee isn't one of them.

“Traditionally Tennessee has been slow to the party, or not joined that party at all, so in this state, it will be interesting to see,” said Pogue.

If a bill is introduced, the issue or morality is likely to come up.

“It is sort of hard to legislate morality and tell people for them what is right or what is wrong for them to do,” said Pogue.

Pogue also says legalizing sports betting could do wonders for TV ratings.

“It would generate a whole different level of viewership with people who are interested in the game because people have a little money on it,” said Pogue.

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