"We are still trying to locate baby Joe Clyde Daniels," Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe told a group of volunteers meeting to prepare for a large-scale search next weekend aimed at recovering 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels. It will be the largest search since the boy went missing.

After searching for more than a month, crews are determined to find the boy.

"We are talking about a baby," said White Bluff Police Chief Chris Fulcher. "All of us have children and grandchildren and the thought of not being able to give them a proper burial breaks my heart."

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Not to mention, the fate of his father, Joseph Daniels, could depend on it.

Four days after Joe Clyde's family reported him missing, the child's father, 28-year-old Joseph Ray Daniels, was charged with criminal homicide in his son's death. The boy's mother, 27-year-old Krystal Nicole Daniels, was arrested and charged with aggravated child neglect or endangerment a few days later.

While Daniels confessed to killing his son, he maintains that he no longer remembers where he disposed of his son's body.

But without the body, investigators say the case against his parents isn't as strong.

Five weeks later, officials say it's time to take a different approach when it comes to finding Joe Clyde.

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Dickson County officials put out a call last week for 30 to 50 people with emergency services backgrounds, including law enforcement, EMS and military service, to volunteer as team leaders for an upcoming search. They met to discuss their plans this weekend.

"We are still building upon this plan as thoughts and ideas come in," Sheriff Blesdoe said.

The planned recovery effort next Saturday, May 19, is going to be very methodical.

Dozens of groups led by volunteers with emergency response experience will search around 5,000 acres.

Officials are encouraging any community members that want to help to come and volunteer, but warn that this search isn't for the faint of heart.

"This isn't for everybody," said David Rader with EquuSearch. "You are going to have to be able to digest what you run across."

Rader's Texas-based organization EquuSearch is assisting the Dickson Co. Sheriff's to lead the search. The group has helped lead searches in high-profile cases like Caylee Anthony and Natalie Holloway.

"I absolutely can't stand doing this, but there is a need for it," Chief Fulcher said.

Not only will groups cover thousands of acres, they are trying to figure out the mindset of Joe's father that night, hoping it will lead them to the boy.

"We are sitting here, trying to get into a mind that we are not wired for," Blesdoe said.

More information on the upcoming search is forthcoming.

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