It was a night of mourning and prayer in Dickson County as community members gathered in honor of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels.

At Friendship Baptist Church, a prayer service took place Sunday. Many of those in attendance were among the volunteers who spent days working to find the child.

It was about healing the broken hearts in this community.

Lewis Jones attends Friendship Baptist Church. He said, “It amazes me, to see people come out like this that don't know the child. It just brings the community so much closer together.”

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Jones and his wife Susan were among the hundreds of volunteers who gave their time and energy in hopes of finding Joe Clyde Daniels alive.

She said, “When you hear the news that he was intentionally killed by his father, it was still shocking and immediate heartbreak.”

Their church served as a base of operations for volunteers, but on Sunday it was a place to cope with a painful loss.

During the service, five minutes of silence were held for 5-year-old Daniels.

Church leaders say the service was greatly needed.

Associate Pastor Doug Stewart said, “As tragic as it is, we wanted the community to be able to come here as a way of closure. We wanted to be an outreach to the community and helping them as much as we can.”

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An offering was taken up during the service to help pay for the burial of Daniels. The church is also working to set up a donation for the family.

There were at least four different prayer services and vigils held tonight across Dickson County in memory of Joe Clyde.

On Sunday, it was a much different scene at the home of Joseph Ray Daniels, the 28-year-old who confessed to killing his son. Investigators were not searching the property and the large law enforcement presence was gone.

The TBI told News 4 they have identified several areas of interest in their search for the remains of Joe Clyde Daniels.

Joseph Daniels remains in jail, charged with criminal homicide. He has not given up the location of the body.

A court date has not been set for Daniels.